Tailored educational experiences

Wattle Tree Academics delivers a tutoring experience tailored to the student, no
matter where they are at with their studies. We provide qualified tutors that
provide a personalised learning experience for the student, to assist them
through any stage of life, school readiness, K-12, university & beyond.

Prep / Primary

We believe in helping our clients have the best possible start to their school life. If your little one needs that extra boost, our amazing tutors are ready to help!

High School

High school can be a tricky time and there’s a lot to keep up with. We tailor our programs to work with needs of our high school students to help them thrive.

University & beyond

We are academic match makers, we will match you with the right person to assist you in a range of different topics & specialities, no matter how niche the field.

“Full disclosure this is a fake review, will update when we get one, rest assured our services are wonderful”

Jamie Masters – Fake mum of 6 year old Johnny.

“Wattle Tree has a fantastic selection of tutors to help our clients succeed in whatever discipline they’re focussed on”

Joel – Managing partner – Wattle Tree Academics

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